What is Educated and Empowered?

Not just a slogan. More than a brand.

It’s a lifestyle… soon to become a movement!!!

Our target audience is those typically considered the underdog – those whose talent mainstream America probably would consider inferior simply because their bank accounts lack the proper amount of zeroes. We give a voice (and a platform) to independent authors, artists, politicians, and other creators. We are community oriented and geared to educate those who typically wouldn’t vote; empower those who’d normally believe their opinion wouldn’t make a difference. We empower our people to know that their voice matters!!!

We are also the parent company of Artists Promoting Success (the organization that educates independent authors and artists about entrepreneurship and provides platforms for exposure), as well as #ImGladToBeAWoman, which celebrates all that it means to be a woman.

Whether purchasing merchandise to visibly display the Educated and Empowered message, listening to the podcast, or supporting the network, interacting with us makes you feel like you’re family. We establish a culture of equality and appreciation for our talent and consumers.

Despite your age, race, gender, political or social status, we invite you to journey with us. Join the movement. Become Educated and Empowered!!!