Whether as a life coach or a lit (literary) coach, I’ve been able to effectively help my clients execute their goals to catapult them to their next level! Regardless of the type of goal – work/life balance; time management; budgeting better; launching a business; understanding what it takes to be an entrepreneur; or getting a book written, my coaching programs, classes and instructional videos help you become more successful, going from THINKING about doing it to actually getting it done!!!

Listen to what people have to say about working with me…

Travell Bennett from Texas exclaims:

“What I love about Toneal is her realness and honesty. This woman of God wants us to know the truth, where to get it, what to look out for, and how to enjoy yourself along the way. Toneal is the type of person we all need in our corner. Toneal’s desire is to keep us informed with knowledge. She does the research and presents the facts simple and plain. Toneal is reachable. She cares about people and keeps her word with following back up with people. I love it.”

Whit Devereaux of Chicago comments:

“You’ve helped me as a new author teaching me the ropes and sharing your platform on the Indies in the City Tour. You’ve also helped me as an amazing host for my nonprofit event. You help me flesh out my ideas and give great feedback and encouragement. You’ve helped me edit my children’s book and helped me become an award winning author.”

Deeann D. Mathews from California raves:

“I came to Ms. Jackson looking for an agent for me as a four-time independent author… I’d done it alone with three books, but under these changed circumstances of 2020, I knew I couldn’t do this alone anymore. Ms. Jackson hit the ground running, guiding me through getting from manuscript to proof to published in record time, streamlining and elevating the processes in ways I never thought possible. Her teaching on how to use social media caused me to be in PROFIT with my book and have a strong audience base for my work from the GATE, which also allowed me to make connections to other opportunities available inside of THIS year and be PERFECTLY SITUATED for the holiday season. If you need to elevate your processes as an author, if you need to learn how to get positioned for maximum success, I highly recommend Ms. Toneal M. Jackson to you.”

Chicago’s Sir Walter Jones declares:

“When the idea to write a book of this magnitude hit me like a ton of bricks, I searched my mind for someone experienced, somebody I’d be willing to submit myself to for guidance. No other name entered my mind but this great woman of God. I never knew how valuable structural editors were until I walked into this woman’s office. I always felt like I was in English class 101 around her, but because I enjoy learning, I soaked it all up and can now present to you this book – some of my best work, all because I had the greatest teacher and editor in the world.”

Kimilyn Allen from Crystal Lake, IL says:

“You were a welcomed breath of fresh air at a time of frustration & confusion, while trying to write my story in a book with other good writers. You knew exactly how to keep me focused while encouraging me to dig deeper for richer details, which I really appreciated!”

Listiner Martinez of Chicago proclaims:

“You have been amazing with editing all 4 of my Healing Journal Books, providing space for the conference in year 1 and providing a platform for budding authors to flourish. You allowed me to grow in my voice and my confidence as an AWARD WINNING AUTHOR.”

Harriette Patrick Barron from Texas remarks:

“Not only did you edit my novel and took it farther than I could have imagined, You spoke life into me when I really struggled with being an author. You are the first person who called me a true novelist! You encouraged me to write a sequel when I didn’t think I had it in me. You encourage, motivate, and pull out the best in all those you know.”

Chicago’s Debra Turner Ray states:

“When you reviewed my book you hurt my poor little feelings so bad and I started questioning my gift of writing. BUT I remembered things you said were wrong about my first book and I made sure I [didn’t do] it with my 2nd. It’s been doing pretty well on Amazon and private sales. I said all of this to say THANK YOU for showing me and teaching me and I’m still learning. I know each book will get better. One day I will become an award-winning author. Thank you again.”

Joey Pinkney of Tennessee proclaims:

“Toneal M. Jackson is a great literary resource in terms of practical information to meet your individual publishing goals, plus she is an author/publisher/literary personality who knows how to explain concepts in a way that is easy to understand and readily applicable. If you’re ready to get things in motion with your books, you can’t go wrong with this investment.”

Chicago’s Lady ReShell raves:

“You have patiently walked me through publishing my anthology. I was able to publish my poetry book because of your guidance. You have been a source of encouragement for my broadcast lending your wisdom and experience. You have supported my events and even stepped in graciously to be a host. I have taken my purpose to a new level because of the confidence I’ve gained through the knowledge received from your weekly broadcast and webinars.”