Founded by Toneal M. Jackson, I’m Glad to be a Woman (IGTBAW) is an organization purposed to encourage and empower women. Regardless of age, race, education, religion, geography, financial, political or marital status… if you are a woman, you belong HERE!!!

Established in March 2019, IGTBAW was initially intended to be a one-time celebration of what it meant to be a woman. Chicago was on the brink of electing its first African-American female mayor, and it seemed like the appropriate time. So, a call was put out on social media to all women to come together; and other than themselves, all they were asked to bring was a dish, a (nonalcoholic) drink, or a donation. After the event was over, the women in attendance expressed the desire to stay connected and requested Toneal host additional events.

After much thought and prayer, Toneal decided to take the leap from hosting what she thought would be a one-time event, to forming an organization comprised of women. Although IGTBAW is headquartered in Chicago, Toneal’s vision is that this becomes a global movement, encouraging and empowering women all over the world to walk in their purpose. The organization has already achieved a national reach, as members hail from Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Texas, Alabama, California, New York, and North Carolina.

The mission of I’m Glad to be a Woman is to provide a mutually beneficial, full-service support system for women. We believe that every woman needs support, but is also able to support. Every woman needs to be empowered, but is also able to empower. So, depending on the day or the need, each member can find what she requires.

Spiritually – We offer weekly prayer within our social media group every Monday.

Mentally/Emotionally – We provide daily posts geared to encourage and empower. Members are also able to post to share news within their lives. With this interactive feature, women can receive what they need – whether a cheerleader in good times or a motivator in bad, group members can find the support they desire.