What is Educated and Empowered?

Not just a slogan. More than a brand.

It’s a lifestyle… soon to become a movement!!!

Equipping you with information and inspiration to be your best self!” It’s more than a slogan – it’s our mission; it’s our purpose. We do what our name says – we educate and empower. All seven divisions of our company are created to execute that goal. Whether in an individual or group setting, we desire to help people reach their next and best level.

We represent four foundational principles: Entrepreneurship, Mental Health, Social Justice, and Women’s Rights. Every masterclass, meetup, and organization are in direct correlation to those principles.

Whether purchasing merchandise to visibly display the Educated and Empowered message, listening to the podcast, or watching our visual content, engaging with us will leave you feeling informed and inspired. Despite your age, race, gender, political or social status, we invite you to journey with us. Join the movement. Become Educated and Empowered!!!